4 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Feb 08, 2024

As physicians or health care practitioners it can be hard to stay motivated because you’re faced every day with lots of different things in your practice: patients who are non-compliant or staff that may be causing a ruckus or causing a negative vibe in the office. You have so many decisions to make every single day.

The first one it to challenge yourself. Think about all the challenges that you’ve overcome in medical school and through your residency. You like a challenge. Keeping yourself challenged is one of those things that helps keep you  motivated because you have that sense of self-fulfillment and you also know that you’re growing as a person, professionally, and in your practice. Try adding a new service, a new treatment modality, or changing up what you’re offering to your patients. That challenge helps keep you moving.

The second thing is to celebrate the success you experienced. It could be celebrating the success of your patients, low turnover rate, performing more weight loss procedures,  further improve the health of your community, or give back in many ways as your always do. Celebrate those successes and take the time to pause and recognize those because those are things that will help keep you motivated.

The third thing is rewards. Whatever it is that you like as a reward. Is could be salary, more time off to be with your family, more time to travel, more time to do your hobby, grow your practice, or the dominating force in your community. Figure out what rewards mean the most to you and continue to work to attain those. If you’re not getting enough revenue and you feel like you’re just struggling and sweating blood sweat and tears, I’d like to help you look at some additional revenue streams to help add more patients to your practice.

The fourth way is to stay motivated at work is to look at what’s happening with your patients and your team. Think about the positive affect you’ve had on your patients.  And also think about your team who rely on you.  It’s really critical to make sure you surround yourself with great people in terms of patients and your team that represents you in your office and in the community. Make sure you’ve built up a strong team that supports you. That will help you be motivated. Your team is not only your staff at the office, but it’s the professionals that surround you (attorneys, accountants) that help you to grow your practice and function in the best possible way so you can have your greatest reach.

Those are my top 4 ways to stay motivated at work. Make sure you have a challenge. Make sure you celebrate your success. Make sure you understand your rewards and what you value.  And, make sure you surround yourself with a positive team; a great group of people who are loyal and who know they want to serve you as well as the patients. It can help motivate you to continue to do your very best each and every day.

I know you’re out there doing wonderful things. I wanted to share some of my viewpoints on how to stay motivated because it’s not always easy to stay motivated every day. Some days are rough. Things are thrown at you and you have to make a lot of big decisions. We want to make sure you stay motivated and you’re enjoying what you’re doing each day.

I hope this helps. Thank you for tuning into the podcast. Until next time, you take care.

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