Planning for Success in 2023!

Nov 29, 2022

I'm sharing the first three steps of a 6-step proactive planning process today. It works for any size practice or team. We've used it for years in our own business! 

Create your annual (strategic) business goals as if they have already been accomplished. This can be done on a quarterly basis as well.  Especially when you have goals that might be accomplished within 3 months such as a successful implementation of a new software system or launching a new program offering.

This might feel odd at first but stick with me.  When you write your goals as if they have already been accomplished, it allows you to see them as a reality.  You can ‘feel’ what it is like to have them accomplished. In fact, for my personal goals, I write out exactly how I will feel once the goal is accomplished and read them (often aloud) to myself nearly every weekday morning.  This keeps me focused – especially in a world full of distractions.

Make sure the goals you identify are specific and measurable.  You tell your patients to do the same thing as they identify their weight loss goals and it applies to your business as well.  Whether you want to increase gross revenue, practice profit, your salary, number of new patients, number of surgeries or anything else, place a (reach) goal quantifiable measurement on it so you know exactly what you are working towards.  This will translate it into the metrics for tracking your progress weekly or monthly.

Depending upon the size of your team, I recommend that you take time ‘away from it all’ to do this privately and have your business partner(s) or manager(s) of specific cost centers or key team members do the same (steps 1, 2 and 3).  I like to schedule our planning meeting and then give a deadline for when this is due prior to the meeting so I can review and compare to my ideas. This will make your planning meeting much more productive and efficient. 

Reverse engineer your goals by quarter. I am a firm believer in ‘The 12 Week Year’ – if you haven’t read the book, it is a good (quick) read.  I find this especially helpful with the ever-changing world we live in.  Twelve weeks is REAL, meaning that it helps you avoid procrastination and makes it easier for you to break it down into more manageable weekly and daily actions.  This helps to avoid overwhelm and increases motivation to successfully meet or exceed your goal(s).

Identify the top 3 actions for each goal that will make it a reality. You can’t do everything at once so this step helps you get crystal clear on what exactly will move the needle toward accomplishing your goal most effectively.  Once you have your top goal(s) identified and prioritized, I recommend you brainstorm this step with your team – especially because the actions will likely involve them.  They will have GREAT ideas and when they are involved with this tactical part of your planning, it tends to enhance their buy in and overall commitment to follow through. 

Watch for my post next week as I'll be sharing steps 4-6! 

If you have any questions or desire a complimentary opportunity audit to review where you are now, where you want to go and strategize some immediate actions to take, reach out to me – [email protected]  If you desire other free resources, you can find them at  or subscribe to my podcast or YouTube channel

Cheers to much continued success for your patients and your practice!

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