Are You Stealing from Yourself and Your Practice?

May 26, 2022

Are you stealing from yourself? You likely are if there are parts of your sales process that cause patients to fall through the cracks. Primary culprits are not capturing interested patients online, poor first experience with your office (staff and/or office environment), no system in place to follow-up & nurture patients that express interest in your services & poor communication during the insurance authorization process if applicable.

I recommend you or an trusted professional review your sales process from the marketing post/advertisement through scheduling an appointment & being seen in your office for services at least annually. Sounds tedious I know but the payoffs can be huge!

Once a problem is identified, it is critical to take immediate action. Include your team. Have them take ownership for creating a system that will work for them as well as the patient. The patient attraction & patient acquisition process is too important to not have streamlined systems in place.

Get your process working like a well-oiled machine. Then combine it with outstanding customer service & watch the magic begin. Higher customer satisfaction, higher staff satisfaction, more patients, more referrals & yes, more revenue. Need help with your system? Contact me at [email protected] and if you aren’t a member of Bariatric Business Boss, what are you waiting for?  The details can be found at

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