Do You Suffer From Burnout?

Jun 23, 2022

Today I wanted to talk to you about a topic I’m seeing more and more often. It’s burnout.  It’s one of those things that’s all too often because of the way society is today and just because of the great amount of stresses, particularly in health care, that physicians and administrators and staff are feeling. So I want to give you three top ways to help manage that burnout.

The first one is to get downtime.   You get a little bit of time away. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy vacation somewhere warm and tropical. It can be as simple as stopping and getting away somewhere in your home, your neighborhood, or in a park.  Somewhere you can get some alone time to actually think through why it is that you’re feeling so much burnout. A lot of times you can narrow it down to what are some top key things that are causing you to have those feelings of burnout. It could be just everything:  my staff, patients, healthcare reimbursement, documentation, complications with the weight loss process, etc.…. It could be lots of different things. You’ve got to stop the noise at some point.  Turn your phone off and you have to stop and think about it.

Once you’ve done that I’d like you to think about what the top two or three frustrations that is causing you to feel that way. What aspect of it is causing you the most problem?   You have to think through it.  It could be something professionally related or personally related. But you’ve got to identify those top things that are causing you frustration. Your frustration is going to need to be addressed first on order for you to get some relief from that pressure.

Third, what needs to happen in order for that frustration to go away and get better?  At this stage you may need help with that. In fact, I find that’s when people actually get some relief because of sharing the burden with someone else. It might be a personal issue that requires counseling.  If it’s a business issue, just reach out and get some assistance with your business. If you do nothing else, at least sign up for a free audit. We could actually sit down and look at what are the key frustrations and how you can best address that.

Once you get some outside perspective, it can make all the difference in the world.  And as you working through those top frustrations one of the things you’ll need to focus on is not to get too complicated. The simpler you keep things, the more manageable they are. Then as you start to acquire some progress in getting rid of those top frustrations, you start to have this feeling that just blossoms from there.

So in review, it’s getting DOWNTIME, what are your top FRUSTRATIONS, and ASKING FOR HELP if needed. You don’t have to take on everything by yourself.   Reach out to me

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