Going from Knowledge to Accomplishment

Apr 14, 2021

Just like with our weight loss patients, sometimes in your practice you can have this gap between having the knowledge to accomplish a task or goal and actually attaining that goal. As I talk with lots of different businesses there’s often a DAM procedure that has to occur in between. I use the word DAM because it stands for three different things.

The "D"

The first thing that has to happen in order to have that gap bridged is to have a burning desire. It’s almost like an obsession to get to where it is you want to be, whether it’s new clients, a new program, or a new educational program. There’s this gap. You have all this knowledge but it’s different taking that and making it into a plan and action that gets you there. How can you get there? It starts from the top down. Your vision has to be expressed to your team and that enthusiasm has to be built up. You also need to include them in the decision making. They can actually support that vision and burning desire. They can get that same obsession that you have.

The “A”

The "A" in dam is taking action. You may not know the first action to take, but actually taking action is what is going to build momentum. Momentum is what’s going to help you see progress. Progress is going to keep you motivated to keep going. It’s very similar to weight loss.

The "M"

The “M” in dam is building a muscle. It comes from continuous action from you and your team working toward your goal. That muscle that you build actually becomes the backbone or strength that helps keep you moving forward and get you to where it is you want to be.

Throughout this whole time there will be times where you’re taking an action and you’re not getting the results you want. In that case, you need to not stop. You need to take more action. You need to change your path. It’s like moving along a path and having to choose your steps wisely. You may make a choice that’s not the best one. That’s Ok. You get up and redirect and keep taking action, because that’s what is going to build that momentum. Then what happens as you get to the other side is you get that fulfilled feeling; that pride of seeing something that has gone into action and has taken you to your goal.

I wish the “dam” was one of those things where you could just pull a lever and the water can come through and smoothly go into place. But that’s not the way it works as we all know. The other thing that has to be interspersed along the way is joy and happiness for wherever you are in your practice or journey. You have to appreciate that, just like people with weight loss. They have to love themselves where they are and continue to strive to move forward. Having that joy and happiness infused in yourself and in your staff helps make this journey that much more enjoyable. Who wants to go to work and not like what they’re doing?

Start your next day/month/year ahead of where you may think possible. Overcome these habits and realize your goals. Let’s do this! Contact me for a free Opportunity Audit – that might be the best 30 minutes you spend this month! [email protected]

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