How to Be the Weight Loss Practice People LOVE! (Part 1)

Jan 30, 2023

Now LOVE may be a strong word in business, but is it?  I think not.  Let’s face it, just as you likely love certain brands or services, there are many patients that love what you offer as well.  And when they do, you can tell and it’s a great feeling! 

As with any relationship, perhaps the love is not flowing at the beginning when they are ‘testing the water’ or ‘dating around’ searching for assistance with attaining their weight loss goals (especially if they have been burned before and are skeptical).   However, over time, they will become committed IF you constantly strive to build an emotional relationship – also known as brand loyalty.

Is brand loyalty too ‘marketing-ish’ for you?  Call it what you want, but this emotional relationship is the crux of why people pick and/or promote one practitioner, practice, product or service over another.   Initially, you have to stand out and catch their attention, then help them get to know you and why you are uniquely skilled to help them attain their goals, then clear the path for them to become a patient and over deliver on your promises, and finally, give them lots of reasons to stick around and refer others as well. This brand loyalty is strengthened (or weakened) with each and every interaction. 

While you are committed to their optimal outcome and ready to deliver some tough love to help get them there, brand loyalty is not necessarily a logical decision for them.  It is more often an emotional decision.  Your patients have LOTS of choices locally and nationally when it comes to weight loss.  So, you need to create a smooth/clear path to your door that gets them excited about the opportunity you uniquely offer for improved health through weight loss.  Then, build a great relationship with them and strive to keep this relationship meaningful, fun and effective long-term.

As a summary, I believe creating this brand loyalty (business loving relationship) looks something like this:

  1. Awareness – You must stand out.
  2. Interest – Help them get to know you.
  3. Consideration – Clearly communicate your offers.
  4. Decision/Purchase – Make the sales process easy and then over deliver on your promises.
  5. Loyalty – Give them lots of reasons to stick around.
  6. Advocacy – Help them share their experience publicly and refer others who could benefit as well.


The Opportunity

Let’s face it – we are lucky.  Rather than focusing on disease, we get to focus on health, healing, wellness, fitness, positive habits, good nutrition and reversing the co-morbid conditions that plague so many of our patients.  This may be the exact reason you decided to specialize in weight loss in the first place. Coincidentally, this also helps to keep us on track (most of the time) as well since we want to be a great example and practice what we preach.

You get to see your patients blossom into the best version of themselves.  You get to help them break through their personal barriers to weight loss, overcome external negativity as well as destructive self-talk – all of which are commonly associated with being obese.  You help your patients feel their best and accomplish goals they never thought possible! 

I encourage you to embrace this opportunity.  Make the journey meaningful and celebrate all wins along the way.  Honor your patients, hold them accountable, focus on their specific barriers (real or perceived) and help them overcome.  Be honest, be firm, be kind and be unique.  Do this, and you won’t have to worry much about your competition.  You will stand out in the crowd.  And with 2/3 of the American population being overweight, there are many that need your help.

Check back next week as I continue the discussion on making yourself the #1 bariatric resource in your area! If you have any questions or desire a complimentary opportunity audit to review where you are now, where you want to go and strategize some immediate actions to take, reach out to me – [email protected]  

You can also download the complete resource here.


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