Is Your Practice Solely Dependent on You?

Jun 20, 2022

Is your practice dependent solely upon you & your productivity? If so, you might seriously want to consider implementing additional revenue streams. This helps in two ways. First, revenue continues to flow into your practice in the event something prevents you from providing services.  Second, the additional revenue augments your ongoing practice viability & enhances your bottom line while providing valuable ongoing services to your patients.

However, I only recommend services that compliment your area of expertise, are desired by your patients, are ethical & will enhance their desired outcome/health.  Otherwise, such efforts can be detrimental to your overall reputation.

If you are a weight loss physician, some additional revenue streams include:

  • Vitamin B Injections
  • Nutritional/Vitamin Retail Sales (beware – all products are NOT created equal)
  • Appetite Suppressants (do your research)
  • Fitness
  • Educational Programs (online & onsite)

When created/offered in a high quality way, these services can benefit your patients & your practice.

Reach out to me if you need any assistance or just want to talk about the effectiveness of any/all at [email protected] If you aren’t a member of Bariatric Business Boss, what are you waiting for?  Visit

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