's Good Medicine!

Jul 14, 2022

Is laughter abundant in your office? I have smiled so much today listening to the staff, patients & even our postal delivery guy laughing out loud, celebrating success & having fun.

Granted not every day is like this but I can honestly say that most days here are extremely pleasant, productive & bring joy to our team & those we serve. Sound too good to be true? Or can you relate?

I am asked sometimes what you as the owner/physician can do to empower such joy. I believe there are 6 things:

  1. Have a genuine love for what you do.
  2. Take care of YOUR physical & psychological health by practicing what you preach.
  3. Learn what motivates your staff & nurture that motivating source.
  4. Support independence & teamwork by trusting your staff & challenging them to work towards outcomes instead of focusing on tasks.
  5. Involve staff in decisions, respect & ask for their opinions & let them know how grateful you are for their loyalty/dedication.
  6. “Free” those that aren’t serving your vision, mission & patients well.

Might seem simplistic but trust me, these actions matter & can make the difference between a practice you LOVE and a practice that can cause premature burn out.

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