Little Things That Will Transform Your Team and Your Business

Feb 01, 2024

I want to talk to you about something that can be so transformational for your practice and for your staff and overall team. It’s paying attention to the little details. I know we’re really busy and we often feel we don’t have time for that. As the saying goes, it’s the little things in life that we ignore that end up being the bigger things later in life that we have to address. Sometimes it relates to relationships, how we take care of ourselves, or how we treat others. The other thing we care about is it’s not what you say to people but how you made them feel. This might be something as physicians you don’t have time to address. But it’s one of those things that can really be transformational for you, your team, and your business.

A lot of times you might be in tune with keeping track of the little things related to your patients. You might take notes when the patients come in, or have your staff document that for you. This is so you can remember certain things about them; they just became a grandmother, they have an ill parent, they have a favorite dog, or they’re really active in their church. Keep track of that so you can have more of an engagement or conversation when they come in. It really means a lot and it affects how they feel about you and your business. You cared enough to remember that.

You can do the same thing with your team. Knowing where people like to shop is helpful for birthdays so we can buy them something special. We know they’re going to like it. What kinds of food do they like or dislike? You don’t have to get too involved in their personal lives. But know their likes and dislikes just like you would a spouse or a good friend of yours. We want to know these things so we can make small actions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the physician. Our office manager is phenomenal at coming up with little things. Sometimes I leave birthday notes on employee’s desks and oftentimes they save them because it means so much to them. Sometimes when I come in the office manager will have little gifts at everyone’s station. It means so much. It helps them appreciate where they work. Studies show that monetary imbursement is important at work, but it’s really how they feel at work. It’s how much they feel appreciated and how much they are contributing to the overall goal of the organization. You play a huge role in that. Sometimes we just need a quick reminder of that. I know a lot of us have really large staffs. These things can be done on the manager level. Talking to them about it and making that happen is really important. This can be truly transformational for your business, for you personally, and for your team.

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