No Excuses, Just Results!

Jan 13, 2022

Accept no excuses, only results!

‘Results’ is my word for 2022. Sound corny?  Not at all. In fact, it is my mantra for me, for our practice, for our patients and for everyone I consult with now and well…always.

With measurable results, you know what efforts are working, which are not, what to continue and what to happily discard. This is a much more sane way to live rather than continuing the same efforts without knowing if they move you closer to whatever it is you desire. 

So what do you want?  What will your life and your business need to look like 1 year from now for you to be happy and satisfied?  Do you want more patients/cases, more time for yourself, more money, more happiness, more peace, better health, less frustration, less financial loss, less staff turnover, less chaos or something else altogether?

What conversation is already going on in your head outlining reasons (often excuses) as to why you can’t or won’t get what you desire most?  Is it your competitive environment? Is it your staff? Is it burn out? And how do you get past these issues?

The simplified version of getting results…First, picture/document what is what is negatively impacting you or your business (get into the pain of it – what is it costing you, what are the symptoms?) Second, picture/document EXACTLY what you would like to experience INSTEAD (how will that make you feel?)  Third, determine what will have to happen in order for this transformation to occur?  Step by step.  Fourth, involve your team, create your plan and take action as soon as possible.

Need help?  Reach out to me and we can create your plan together so you can get results once and for all and sooner than you may think possible.  No EXCUSES, just RESULTS  for 2022.  [email protected]

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