One of the Best Ways to Build Your Quality Team

Jul 28, 2022

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference – especially when it comes to your employees.

Back in the 1980’s while in graduate school, I was required to create my own model of nursing. My model mimicked the human eye with the patient in the very center. I won’t bore you with the details, but surmise it to say that all layers on the periphery had a responsibility to provide those at the bedside with the best leadership & tools so they could perform their duties at the highest, most effective manner possible.

I carry this basic tenant with me today and strive to always lead with heart, common sense & drive to be the best I can be and mentor others to do the same.

Your employees look up to you. They trust that you have their best interests in mind as well as those of the patients you serve.

So when needs crop up such as getting a live paycheck a couple of days early, taking time off to sort out sale of their house for peace of mind, purchase of a new part for the printer they rely on, getting a plumber in right away for a pipe issue or the ever important need for time off to care for an ill child or a parent that isn’t doing well, I encourage you to say yes.

For believe it or not, all of these happened at once in our office this week. I say yes because our employees are family. We cover for each other and when situations are reversed, they never hesitate to say yes as well – nor do they take advantage of any situation. When you serve with integrity & heart, they tend to do the same.

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