Planning for Success in 2023! (Part 2)

Dec 06, 2022

I'm sharing the remaining three steps of a 6-step proactive planning process today. It works for any size practice or team. We've used it for years in our own business! 

Identify the individual/team that is responsible for each aspect of your plan. This is very important so that there is shared responsibility and a greater chance of efficient implementation and measurement.  If you are the type that likes to do everything yourself, this may be challenging for you.  If you are a great delegator, this is where you need to ensure that assignments are realistic and the best person(s) for the job is identified.  Again, this is best accomplished during your planning meeting.  I tend to ask for volunteers first and then make assignments as appropriate and confirm that they agree. 

Determine outcome metrics. What you measure usually gets done and improves.  Thus, for each goal, you need to have a way to measure the desired outcome.  Since we are talking about 12 weeks or 1 quarter, it may not be sufficient to report monthly.  Often weekly reporting helps keep an eye on progress and allows time to course correct as necessary. 

Agree on a communication method with key team members regarding progress (and celebrate ongoing accomplishments as appropriate). This can be done via weekly written reports, metrics on a white board, an e-mail, spreadsheet or whatever is easiest for you.  As the leader, you need to interpret the data and reconvene with your team for updates as circumstances change or a course correction is required.  Doing this as a group is helpful so that obstacles to success are identified and creative problem solving occurs. 

Putting it all together:  I have a sample plan for some personal and business goals on the next page and then a template for you to use if you desire.  I find spreadsheets and white boards are great ways to track progress.  I also recommend you and your team incorporate your weekly and daily actions in your personal calendar/to-do checklists to keep them top of mind and ensure you stay on track.  The intent is not to make this complicated but rather, to integrate this process into your daily routine.  This is what can and will create predictable outcomes.

Sample Business Goal

Annual Goal:  At Weight Loss Practice X, by the end of the fiscal year, we have doubled our annual gross retail sales from $150,000 to $300,000.

Reverse Engineered:  Q1:  Gross retail sales of $50,000

                                         Q2:  Gross retail sales of $80,000

                                          Q3:  Gross retail sales of $80,000

                                          Q4:  Gross retail sales of $90,000

Top 3 Strategies for Q1:        

  1. Product Selection:
    • Eliminate products that are not selling or not passing the 'taste test' for palatability
    • Add a few recommended best-selling products for weight loss surgery patients and for medical weight loss/back on track program
    • Implement staff taste test process for new product selection
  2. Product Promotion and Sales (the most fun!):
    • Interactive sales training for staff
    • Monthly product special announced to all staff along with fliers for office, e-mails, text messaging social media promotion with link to online sales
    • Featured product of the month along with recipe for added variety - great for seasonal products as well
    • Product samples in office
    • Product display in dietician offices for easier promotion
    • Product prescription pad for all practitioners to use as 'order form' for patients
    • Product list with prices for patients including benefits
    • Product coupon in all new patient packets
    • Staff favorite product highlight with their photo
    • Add product sales to 'on hold' message
    • Product promotion via blog, video, newsletters, and graphics including benefits
  3. Product Ordering, Fulfillment and Sales System:
    • Consider new e-store software system that allows for par levels, inventory tracking, onsite sales, online sales, option for shipping or pick up at the office, rewards points and discount codes. 
    • Establish protocols for ordering product, tracking order fulfillment/invoices, monthly inventory, sales processing, online fulfillment, onsite fulfillment, stock rotation, par levels/reordering alert, staff discounts, discount codes, product pricing, product specials, tracking product samples, adding new products onsite and to e-store and retiring products that don't sell well or have been replaced with new item.

Responsible Individual/Team:

Lead Dietician, MA, and Receptionist

Outcome Metrics:     

Weekly Sales Report, Monthly Summary Sales Spreadsheet, Quarterly Summary including best selling products.

Communication Method:     

Weekly Sales Report, Bi-Weekly Meeting with Manager, Monthly report to entire team.


Sample Personal Goal

Q1 Goal:  Weigh 130 pounds by March 31, 2023 with total body fat of 23%

Reverse Engineered:  Lose 1 pound per week

Top 3 Strategies:

  1. Workout for at least 30 minutes (cardio/resistance training) 5 days/week & 10,000 steps/day
  2. <50 total carbs/day & practice intermittent fasting (8pm-12pm) weekdays
  3. 64 oz water each day/Eliminate diet soda


Responsible Individual/Team:  Self

Outcome Metrics:  Record daily weight & weekly body composition

Communication Method:  Journal with goal/activities/outcomes (review daily)



This is YOUR plan – make as many of these planning sheets as necessary and once finalized, be sure to add YOUR actions to your daily calendar and weekly planning routine.


Write Your Desired Annual Goals as If Accomplished:

Reverse Engineer Your Goals by Quarter:






Identify Top 3 Strategies for Each:

Q1:  _________________________________________________________________




Q2:  _________________________________________________________________




Q3:  _________________________________________________________________




Q4:  _________________________________________________________________





Responsible Individual/Team:

Outcome Metrics:

Communication Method(s):


If you have any questions or desire a complimentary opportunity audit to review where you are now, where you want to go and strategize some immediate actions to take, reach out to me – [email protected]  If you desire other free resources, you can find them at  or subscribe to my podcast or YouTube channel

Cheers to much continued success for your patients and your practice!


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