Resourcefulness-I hate it, but I love it!

Sep 08, 2022

Like most, I can be very impatient when I want or need something. Immediate gratification can be so nice! However, I have found that when I need to figure something out (aka become resourceful), I often end up with a better outcome along with a great learning experience as a bonus.

It’s kind of like working out. The work can be painful, but the results feel amazing.

I know you can relate. Building your practice requires quite a bit of resourcefulness especially when funds are low, while building a strong team internally (employees) & externally (business counsel) & trying to do what you love while keeping up with ever-changing requirements/demands.

For me, resourcefulness wins every time. It may take a little longer, but the end product tends to be more in line with your vision & creates more satisfaction. Resourcefulness doesn’t mean going it alone. It means taking not being afraid to figure it out & often being different rather than following the crowd. By the way – this is often a lot more fun! Let me know if you need help [email protected]

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