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Aug 17, 2022

Have you had your Opportunity Audit and, if not, why haven’t you?  You can schedule it right now at Book Karol and I’ll fit it right into my calendar.

Let me tell you a couple of things about the Opportunity Audit.  It’s something you shouldn’t be afraid of.  I’m not some sales agent trying to pressure you into something.  What I really have a passion for talent for, is helping Bariatric surgeons and health care hospital programs for weight loss add profits to their bottom line while improving patient outcomes and having some fun along the way.

I’ve been in the trenches doing this for nearly 25 years. So, I like to help them shorten the learning curve. I’ve taken the best of the best practices and I guide them into what are they doing really great and what are their key frustrations that make them crazy.  How can they tackle that so they can move forward in a big way?

My best- selling book The 5 Profit Engines of a Bariatric Surgery Program has gone to number one. I just handed out well over 300 hundred of them at a recent conference. I’ve had fabulous feedback on it. So I use part of this as a guide for the audit.  But it’s really meant to just help augment that process. If you don’t have your copy yet you can get a checklist that goes along with it right on our website (  Let me know and we can get you a copy of the book off.

I really use the book as sort of a guide to go through everything that’s going on in your practice.  And I do it in a very succinct way. By the time you’re off the call, you’ll have some fresh ideas and you’ll be able to have some plans for how to implement those. Then, if it’s something you feel you need help with, I can also work with you on that. One of the cool things about how my team and I operate is that I’m very big on return on investment.

I’ve been in the practices for way too many years to know what it’s like paying out big bucks for marketing and all sorts of different things and getting a zero return on investment, which is painful. I am committed to making sure people get 100% return on investment.  That’s as long as their doing what I tell them to do and remain coachable.

If you haven’t signed up for your Opportunity Audit I promise it’s painless. I promise you can glean some things from it. I welcome you to sign up today. I’ll get you to my calendar.  Let’s get going. Let’s get some exciting plans going for your practice. Give me a shout out.  In the meantime thanks for all you do keeping people healthy.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Have a great day.

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