Spooked about selling in your practice?

Oct 27, 2022

Are you spooked about the idea of ‘selling’ in your practice?  It’s natural as a clinician to be VERY sales-averse.  No one likes to be ‘sold’.

Patients have a choice – which is a good thing!  And competition is stiff – especially within the field of medical & surgical weight loss.  Thus, ‘selling’ (in a congruent way with integrity) is something that needs to be done deliberately each and every day at your office (and within your online presence).

So how do you manage ‘sales’ in a comfortable and natural way? Here are a number of suggestions that work like a charm:

  • Believe in what you do and promotion will naturally follow
  • Focus on the benefits of what you offer instead of the features (promote the shade, not the tree)
  • If you have a retail store, use the products you sell regularly and encourage your staff to do the same.  You will understand the benefits and want others to experience the same
  • Hire staff with a combination of clinical & sales experience
  • Always be honest
  • Have your patients promote you and your services/products through their success & testimonials
  • Make sure staff are involved in goal setting and provide them with sales training as necessary (I can help you with that if you need!)

More to come on this topic! Any suggestions you have as well to share?

Happy Halloween!

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