Unfinished business feels terrible. It holds you back from new endeavors, progress, peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Unfinished conversations, projects, ideas, new ventures – they deserve your attention (or to be dismissed).

Unfinished business relates to many things in your practice, in your business, and in your personal life. Here are some examples:
• A telephone call that you’ve been dreading
• A conversation with one of your team
• A conversation with your spouse or someone in your family or one of your children
• A new project that you’ve had on your mind for so long that you’ve wanted to implement and you’ve been putting it off
• A project you’ve started but haven’t finished
• A book that you were writing that you haven’t finished
• Integrating retail sales to your practice
• Adding a new jump start program
• Creating an online program
• Adding medical weight loss into your surgical practice
• Implementing a new campaign
• Consistently posting effective content on social media
• Starting your blog
• Creating your YouTube Channel
• Beginning your Podcast
• Starting a new workout routine

Such unfinished business takes up a lot of real estate in your mind, can tend to overwhelm you and prevents you from taking action. Can you relate?

So, what do you do about that? If you have unfinished business in your practice or your personal life, I strongly encourage you to get up the energy and commit to do something about it. I don’t know how many times I’ve been working with practices and they’ve been putting something off for so long and all of a sudden they reach out “We’re ready! We’re ready to finally integrate medical weight loss – or – We’re ready to start our YouTube channel – or – We’re ready to start learning how to do organic marketing through social media – or We’re ready to build that online program.” After the initial decision is made, action brings about momentum and before you know it, you are saying “Why did I wait so long?” It’s just a matter of getting your plan together and putting it into motion. Coincidentally, very similar to the journey you take your patient on.

Sometimes, you may think something is going to take longer than it actually does. With decision comes action. With action comes energy. With energy comes perseverance/consistency. And then before you know it, your unfinished business is complete and it’s time to celebrate, measure and tweak as necessary.

I encourage you to take all that unfinished business or just pick one thing, even if it’s just a conversation with someone at home or one of your team members. Start with that and get that momentum going and take a look at your next item of unfinished business. Decide if you want to pursue it (or not). It might have had it on your list for so long, that it’s time to get rid of it because it’s not fitting into your plan.

Also, consider that you may be the bottle neck to progress. See if there are any items on your unfinished business list that can be delegated to one of your team members. If so, communicate your desired outcome and let them take charge.

I encourage you to take action today! I know that’s what I’m doing personally and with many motivated practices. I couldn’t be more excited! If you need help getting ‘unstuck’, please reach out to me – today – at [email protected] Let me help you create clarity!

In the meantime, I’m one of your biggest fans. Go out and continue doing all the wonderful things you do for your patient and if you’re not a member of Bariatric Business Accelerator, I invite you to check it out at www.BariatricBusinessAccelerator.com and consider joining. It’s a great ‘no brainer’ way to work with me each month and gain access to daily marketing information, weekly tip sheets and recipes for your patients while making progress on your unfinished business. Let’s talk soon!