What Brightens Your Day?

Apr 06, 2022

Is the environment adversely affecting your practice? Today we had a lot of rain. Believe it or not, rain can mess with our internet, lower patient appointment compliance, put a damper on moods at the office and/or even make people sleepy!

However, one thing can change all of that. A staff member humming a song, a patient crying with joy at the scale, a large payment that finally posted, an on-time delivery of your private labeled protein products or a schedule filled with new one on one consults motivated to lose weight.

For me today, it was Jessica (one of our awesome medical receptionists) singing a Motown song that was playing in our waiting room with a big smile while performing her daily routine. It made me forget everything on my overwhelming ‘to do list’ & feel grateful for her positivity as well as for being surrounded by such a happy & competent team.

I wish it that I was the one who was the change on such a dreary day, but that’s what team work is all about. It’s about having each other’s backs, doing the unexpected, celebrating the little things, figuring out problems together & recognizing the good in your surroundings, your people, your patients & your life.

What brightened your day today during a time of stress or frustration?

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