When's the Right Moment?

Jul 07, 2022

Are you pushing the snooze button on your business? Do you have actions you know (in your gut and heart) you need to take but you are holding off because you’re waiting for just the right moment, for more money, for the market or ‘healthcare’ to turn around or for when you have the right team in place?

Waiting for ‘someday’ is like waiting for the 8th day of the week or the 366th day of the year. I agree that BIG decisions should take longer and require contemplation/discussion, but you need to be sure you aren’t waiting for other reasons. Reasons such as fear, or because it’s too much work, sheer procrastination, not wanting to upset others with ‘change’ or disappoint a colleague or partner with a varied viewpoint. The reasons can go on and on if you let them.

Push past the inertia with one…small…action…towards your goal/dream. Add another action and you will find momentum building. Sure it may be tough, but imagining (affirming) your accomplishment on the other side will help keep you going. A great coach can help keep you accountable too (especially when you want to stop). What do you want to accomplish that you are putting off for ‘someday’? If I can help in any way, reach out to me. [email protected] You’ve got this!!

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