Who’s the Boss at Your Practice?

Oct 13, 2022

Happy Bosses Day!  But really, who is in charge at your practice?  IF you have an awesome team, I think you would agree that they really are the ones in charge.  And they definitely make your life better in many ways.

As I consult with practices, we tend to talk about their dream team, their current team and how to bridge the gap.  If you have a dream team, way to go!  If you don’t, often a few tweaks can make a huge difference.

Here are my top recommendations:

  1. Make sure your expectations are clear for each and every position.  Staff want to do a good job but they are not mind readers. I don’t mean nitpick, but if there is something that you need, share it along with rationale so they understand how their ability to perform that task or attain that goal contributes to the bigger picture.
  2. If you have a staff member that drags everyone else down, it is time for intervention. Start with training and team building but in the end, don’t be afraid to set them free. Of course, you need to follow HR policies, but this can lift the wet blanket that is smoldering everyone else as well as practice growth.
  3. Lead by example and share the big picture. Where your practice is, where you want to go and involve them in planning. This adds excitement and creates commitment.
  4. Find out what motivates your people and do it! Talk with your team individually. Learn what motivates them (hint – it’s not usually money) and do it!

There are more things you can do but implement these 4 and you will notice a big improvement.

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